Here you can order any of the current doctrine ships which will come with the ship, modules and ammo/charges/scripts all delivered to a system near you within 48 hours! (this will usually be our home system and current staging, other destinations may be opened depending on demand)
You can also order any of the available market items, again with delivery.
The current delivery destinations are in Curse.

How Does It Work?

Choose a doctrine ship or market item from the menus on the left.
Change the quantity on the right then click 'Add to Basket'.
Once you have finished adding everything you want click 'View Basket'.
A list of doctrine ships/module packs and items currently in your basket will be shown. You can remove these if you made a mistake by clicking the button.
When you are happy with your order click the 'Place Order' button.
You can view your current orders by clicking the 'View Order History' button, you can still cancel items once they have been ordered as long as the status shows 'Pending', once I have purchased the items you are expected to buy them!
The orders page will show the current status of all items you have ordered and will go through the following stages: Pending In Transit Contracted. Some items may show as Cancelled, this will either be because you have cancelled them or I have had some reacon to cancel.
Payment will be on delivery and will be collected via an Item Exchange Contract. This will be setup to expire after 7 days. Please accept these ASAP!
Please be aware that prices may fluctuate slightly when contracted due to variances in Jita.
Failure to pay for items ordered may result in a ban from using this service, you have been warned!