Jump Freighter Trip Calculator
  1. Contract your items in a Courier contract to the corporation 'Lab Partners'
  2. Maximum size of 358,447 m3 - if over this you will need to split up into multiple contracts
  3. Select the correct station in Ship To
  4. Set the Reward to the figure stated on the calculator
  5. Set Collateral to 0
  6. Set Expiration to 1 Week
  7. Set Days to Complete to 7 days I hope to be much faster than this but just in case
  8. Please do not include containers in the contracts!
If you required a return trip (eg loot to Jita, shiny ships to Cloud Ring) then the cheaper of the two journeys will be 1/2 price. The calculator above will take this into account.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum fee of 1,000,000 (1 million) ISK per contract.

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